IAHR-IC Meeting, Liverpool, UK, 14.09.2013

The International Committee (IC) of the International Association for the Study of Religions (IAHR) will meet at Liverpool, UK, on 4 September 2013, during the 12th EASR Annual Conference at Liverpool Hope University, 3-6 September 2013.

IAHR-IC meetings are held at the IAHR quinquennial congresses and mid-term, e.g. at Toronto, Canada, in 2010 during the last IAHR congress; mid-term in 2013 at Liverpool; and in 2015 at Ehrfurt, Germany, during the next AASR congress. Members of the IAHR-IC meetings with speaking and voting rights are two delegates of the odd-forty national and regional associations affiliated to the IAHR, and the members of the IAHR Executive.

The AASR President, Prof. Elias Bongmba, and the IAHR Secretary General, Prof. Afe Adogame, will attend the IAHR-IC as the two AASR delegates.

The agenda of this important meeting, and all the documents relating to it, have been published online as a PDF at www.iahr.dk/bulletins/IAHR_e-Bull_Suppl_August_2013.pdf

Affiliation w/ AAR

Great news! We have started consultations to seek affiliate status with the African Studies Association (ASA) For now we are interested in affiliate membership only. However, if you are a member of the ASA, please let President Bongmba know (bongmba@rice.edu) because if 25 members of the AASR are members of the ASA, we would ask for Coordinate status which allows us to organize our own panels at the annual meetings of the ASA if our application is approved.

Congratulations Prof. Wuaku!

We congratulate Professor Albert Wuaku who has been promoted to Associate Professor of Religious Studies with tenure at Albert has published in Hinduism in Ghana and currently doing research on the religious traditions of Haiti. Congratulations Prof. Wuaku!

A new book by Frans Wijsen, AASR Representative for Europe

Wijsen, Frans, 2013, Religious Discourse, Social Cohesion and Conflict: Studying Muslim-Christian Relations. Oxford, etc. Peter Lang Academic Publishing, 231 pp., ISBN 978-3-0343-0944-8 (pbk.), €52, BP42, US$67.95; ISBN 978-3-0353-0484-8 (eBook), €52, BP42, US$67.95 (= Religions and Discourse, 55)
This book analyses religious identity transformations through inter-religious relations. It aims to highlight the link between religious discourse and social cohesion, or the lack of such a link, and ultimately seeks to contribute to the dominant discourse on Muslim–Christian relations. The book is based on fieldwork in Indonesia and Tanzania, and is timely because of the growing tensions between Muslims and Christians in both countries. Its relevance lies in its fresh look at theories of religion and science.
From its establishment as an academic discipline, the phenomenology of religion has dominated religious studies. Its theory of religion is ‘realist’ (religion is a reality ‘in itself’) and its view of science is objectivist (scientific knowledge is true if its representation of reality corresponds with reality itself). Based on Discourse Theory, the author argues that religion does not exist ‘in itself’. Human practices and artifacts become religious because they are placed in a narrative context by the believers. By using discourse analysis as a research method, the author shows how religious identities in Tanzania and Indonesia are constructed, negotiated and manipulated in order to gain material or symbolic profit.

Update on BASR/EASR/IAHR 2013 Liverpool Conference


The 2013 BASR / EASR / IAHR Conference to be held in Liverpool Hope University is announcing a re-launch for the conference. Prof. Ron Geaves, the conference organiser to date, has had to step aside due to health issues, so there is now a new conference team structure in place, and we are using this as an opportunity to re-launch the conference and provide key information updates:

1) Secure online registration is NOW LIVE – please go to www.hope.ac.uk/religionmigrationmutation for details of full residential conference packages, day rates (for those not requiring on-campus accommodation) and useful travel information.

2) The deadline for submission of panels and papers has been EXTENDED TO JUNE 15TH. We are delighted with the quality of panels and papers submitted so far, and welcome further submissions.

3) Please use the dedicated email address for any queries – easrconference@hope.ac.uk

4) A detailed timetable will be released after the deadline for panel/paper submissions, but for those making travel plans, the conference will start with registration 10am-4pm on Tues 3rd and end after lunch on Friday 6th.

5) In addition to panels, papers and meetings, the full conference package will include a Gala Dinner with accompanying live band playing 1960s Beatles/’Merseybeat’ music for which the city is so famous, and there will be a cultural tour of Liverpool’s UNESCO World Heritage Site Docks and Museums quarter.

Liverpool – the European Capital of Culture in 2008 – is a very exciting city with UNESCO World Heritage Status for its iconic Docks area. With more Georgian buildings than any other city in Britain, other than Bath, Liverpool boasts a world-renowned Philharmonic Orchestra, the Walker Art Gallery, the new multi-million pound waterside Museum of Liverpool, one of only two Tate Art Galleries outside of London, two of the most famous football teams in Europe, and the largest Cathedral in Britain. Home to the Beatles, and many other successful ‘Merseybeat’ bands of the 1960s, the city retains a proud tradition of music and the performing arts and is home to Sir Paul McCartney’s Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts.

We look forward to welcoming you to Liverpool Hope University, and the city of Liverpool, for what will be a stimulating and enjoyable conference for all BASR/EASR/IAHR friends and colleagues.

Stephen Gregg, Conference Organiser & BASR Hon. Treasurer
Conference Website: http://www.hope.ac.uk/religionmigrationmutation/

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