Harvard Fellowship for Dr Damaris Parsitau

AASR Vice President and Echidna Global Scholar Dr Damaris Parsitau, has recently been awarded a prestigious one-year Research Associate Fellowship in the Women’s Studies in Religion program at Harvard Divinity School. She will take up the position from 15th August 2018-July 2019 and will be working on a research project on “The Kingdom of Holy Women, Pure Girls and Born Again Bodies: Pentecostalism, Sex and Women Bodies in an African Church.”

Dr Parsitau is currently Senior Lecturer in Religious and Gender Studies and Director of the Institute of Women, Gender & Development Studies at Egerton University, Kenya. She holds a PhD in religion, gender and public life from Kenyatta University (2013) and has previously held visiting fellowship positions at the Brooking Institution in Washington DC, The College of William and Mary in Williams, Virginia, USA, the University of South Africa, the University of Cambridge, and the University of Edinburgh.

We warmly congratulate Dr Parsitau with this achievement and wish her a very inspiring and stimulating time at Harvard!

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