IAHR Bulletin 40 (August 2015): Erfurt Congress edition


The IAHR Bulletin 40 (August 2015): Erfurt Congress edition has been published. It is primarily meant to serve members participating in the IAHR International Committee Meeting as appointed delegates and in the General Assembly as members. The documents enclosed speak of important developments and discussions within the IAHR; within its elected leadership, within its constituency and thus within the institutionalized academic study of religions around the world. It informs you about the activities of the IAHR Executive and International Committees, especially over the past 5-10 years. The IAHR claims to be the “preeminent international forum for the critical, analytical, and cross-cultural study of religions, past and present”.

1. IAHR – Policy Statement,     3
2. Welcome & Announcement,     4
3. List of IAHR Delegates to the International Committee,    7
4. Provisional Agenda of the IAHR International Committee, Erfurt, Germany, Wednesday August 26, 2015,    15
5. Provisional Agenda of the IAHR General Assembly, Erfurt, Germany, Saturday August 29, 2015,     16
6. Minutes of the International Committee meeting, Liverpool, UK, September 4, 2013,     17
7. Minutes of the General Assembly, Toronto, Canada, August 21, 2010,     37
8. Report by the General Secretary,     49
9. Report by the Treasurer,     78
10. Nominations & Candidates for the IAHR Executive Committee 2015-2020,    86
11. Statements of Candidacy for the IAHR Executive Committee 2015-2020,    90
12. Proposal for a Change of Name for the IAHR,     103
13. Proposal for Changing [IAHR] ‘General Secretary’ to ‘Secretary General’ 107
14. The IAHR Constitution and By-Laws,     108-125

  • IAHR Constitution,     108
  • IAHR Rules of Procedure,     111
  • Nomination Procedure for the Executive Committee,     117
  • Proposals for Honorary Life Membership,     118

15. The Executive Committee of the IAHR 2010-2015,    119
16. Honorary Life Members of the IAHR,     122

Appendices,     125
Appendix 1. Conference Report: EASR University of Groningen, 11-15 May 2014
Appendix 2: Resolutions of the General Assembly of CIPSH Paris, Unesco, 14th-15th October 2014

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