Karl Barth in Dialogue with Other Religious Traditions

Call for contributions to a book project entitled: Karl Barth in Dialogue with Other Religious Traditions: Karl Barth and Comparative Theology. The project has been submitted to Fordham University Press by Christian T. Collins Winn & Martha Moore-Kish. They are looking specifically for scholars of African indigenous religions who have an interest in the writings of Karl Barth.

This volume brings the theology of Karl Barth into dialogue with the burgeoning field of comparative theology. Featuring contributions from a variety of scholars, the volume builds on recent engagements with Barth in the area of theologies of religion, by opening a new conversation between Barth’s theology and comparative theology. The opening essay summarizes the intra-Christian conversation about how Barth’s theology can helpfully inform theology of religious pluralism. The bulk of the volume which follows features comparative theological performances, which bring Barth’s theology into conversation with theological claims from other religious traditions for the purpose of modeling deep learning across religious borders from a Barthian perspective. For each tradition addressed in this volume, two Christian theologians offer focused engagements of Barth with themes and figures from another religious tradition, with a response from a theologian from that tradition itself. Scant attention has been given to Barth as a conversation partner in the discipline of comparative theology, and we seek to open up new trajectories for comparative theology with this unlikely interlocutor.

Those interested may contact Christian Collins Winn for more information (ctcollin@bethel.edu)

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