The AASR shall only enter into partnerships and multilateral agreements that support its goal of promoting the study of religion in Africa, African religions outside of Africa and the transnational religious practices of Africans anywhere.

‘The study of religions’ is defined as research and teaching relating to the fields of religion and religion’s presence in, and intersection with, other disciplines such as sociology, media, communication, philosophy, psychology, African studies, etc.

In assessing whether ASSR should accede to a request for partnership/affiliation or initiate one, due consideration will be given by the executive committee to the above stated goals of the Association and the following specific criteria or questions:

  • Will the proposed partnership be mutually beneficial to all the partners?
  • Will the proposed partnership accentuate the voice and visibility of the AASR?
  • What are the financial implications for the AASR?
  • What are the reputational and public image implications for the AASR?
  • Are the terms of the partnership specific and clearly spelt out?
  • Is the AASR in the position to effect any reciprocal actions or gestures that the partnership may impose on it?
  • Who in the AASR would take the lead in managing the partnership?

The executive committee may initiate a partnership or accede to a request for one if it is reasonably satisfied that the above questions have been answered positively or satisfactorily.

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