Jim Cox: Nonreligion among Australian Aboriginals

Most interest in nonreligion and secularity is focused on the West and its dominant cultures; it is argued, in fact, that such concepts have limited meaning in any other settings. Launching the Non-religion among Australian Aboriginal Peoples series</strong>, James Cox challenges this view, arguing that much can be learned by taking nonreligion as the starting point in research with other populations — Australian Aboriginals, in the case of his own work.

Nonreligion & Secularity blog

Nonreligion & Secularity Blog for those AASR members who wish to follow the rapid developments in the academic study of Nonreligion & Secularity about the rapid increase of the numbers of ‘nones’ (who have parted with religion in their private lives), agnostics and atheists of various kinds in (so far mainly) North-West Europe and North America.

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