IAHR Congress, Erfurt, Germany

23-29 August 2015

Photos courtesy of Corey Williams.

Rosalind Opening Address

AASR member and IAHR President, Rosalind Hackett, opening the Congress.

Opening Session

The Opening Session.

Musical Entertainment

Musical Entertainment during the Opening Session.

Grace Adasi Presenting

AASR member, Grace Adasi, presenting her paper.

Outgoing Executive

The Outgoing IAHR Executive.

Rosalind Receiving Flowers

AASR member and IAHR President, Rosalind Hackett, receiving flowers for her many years of dedicated service.

Incoming Executive

The Incoming IAHR Executive. AASR member, Afe Adogame, was elected as IAHR Secretary General.

Afe Adogame

AASR member, Afe Adogame, quickly takes on his new role as IAHR Secretary General (left). IAHR President, Tim Jenson, presents his vision for 2015-2020 (right).

Afe Adogame and Corey Williams

Corey Williams (new AASR General Secretary) and Afe Adogame (new IAHR Secretary General and former AASR General Secretary).

Erfurt Cathedral

The Erfurt Cathedral at night.

Altar of Erfurt Cathedral

The altar of the Erfurt Cathedral.

Wolfram Candelabra

The famous ‘Wolfram Candelabra’ at the Erfurt Cathedral.

Erfurt By Day

View of Erfurt from the Cathedral.

Erfurt Church

A church in Erfurt.

Erfurt Synagogue

The Erfurt Synagogue, built c. 1100 (thought to be the oldest synagogue building still standing in Europe).

Erfurt City Centre

The Erfurt City Centre at night.

Erfurt Building

Merchant’s Bridge in Erfurt.


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