9/17/1992-9/17/2017: AASR at 25


Having been founded on Friday 17 September 1992 in the closing session of the IAHR Regional Conference on The Study of Religions in Africa at the University of Zimbabwe, Harare, Zimbabwe,  AASR is due te celebrate its 25th anniversary on Sunday 17 September 2017. As a continental and global academic association for the study of the religions of Africa and its Diaspora, AASR has achieved much in the past 25 years in terms of conferences and publications, yet is very much in need of further strengthening and streamlining itself in order that it may better serve, and achieve, the aims listed in article 2 of the AASR Constitution and survive also the next 25 years as a global academic association. I hope to witness at least a part of its steady growth!

Congratulations to the hard core of faithful AASR members, particularly those who founded AASR at UZ on 17.09.1992!!

Jan G. Platvoet

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