AAR African Religions Group

AAR African Religions Group

Statement of Purpose
This Group provides a forum for the discussion of research on the multiple religious traditions of Africa, methodological issues in the study of the religions of Africa, and African religious responses to ethical and social issues affecting the continent. The Group encourages the participation of African and non-African scholars in the leadership of the Group and in participation in its programs.

Chair: Joseph Hellweg, jhellweg@fsu.edu; Mary Nyangweso, wangilam@ecu.edu
Steering Committee
Adriaan van Klinken, a.vanklinken@leeds.ac.uk; Afe Adogame, a.adogame@ed.ac.uk; Albert K. Wuaku, wuakua@fiu.edu; Danoye Oguntola-Laguda, danoyeoguntola@yahoo.com
Dianna Bell, bell.dianna@gmail.com

Call for Papers for the AAR Annual Meeting at San Diego, CA., USA, November 22-25, 2014
This Group encourages critical inquiry about religions originating in Africa as well as all those practiced there. Proposals should go beyond description; they should analyze the conceptual tools and methods employed. We invite individual papers, paper sessions, and roundtable proposals on the following five themes relevant to any region of the African continent (North, West, East, Central, Southern, and the Horn):
• Religious dimensions of violence, displacement, and politics in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo 20 years after the Rwandan genocide
• Religious responses to and reflections on the ecological and environmental impact of international development and climate change
• LGBTIQ women in Africa
• Mental health and religion in Africa
• African religions and agriculture

The deadline for proposal submission is Monday, March 3, 5:00 PM EST

For questions or support, email support@aarweb.org.

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