Biblical scholars and other academics are invited to contribute an article to the forthcoming volume of the BiAS series. The articles should focus very rigidly on the topic of THE BIBLE AND GENDER TROUBLES IN AFRICA. Articles that tend to ignore the topic will be rejected. The volume will be peer-reviewed. Every contributor will be expected to act anonymously as peer-reviewer for another article.

Deadline for submission is END OF APRIL 2017. Please send your article to:  Please tell us as soon as possible if you are planning to contribute an article.

Style regulations:
Please avoid formatting a lot. Footnotes are reserved for real annotations. Bibliographical reference is given within the main te+t like this (Kuegler 2010:35) i.e. (Author Year: Page). For the full bibliographic information add a literature list at the end of your te+x. Please avoid internet links in the main te+t. Include them in the literature list and quote them according to the short way given above. Every article should start with a short summary (not more than 10 lines). At the end (after the literature list) some information on the author should be given: Full name (as used in publications); academic titles; professional status; university; research fields; one or two important publications; e-mail

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