Grant Opportunities: Nagel Institute project on ‘African Theological Advance’

The Nagel Institute, with generous support from the Templeton Religion Trust, invites project proposals for the “African Theological Advance” initiative. Its aim is to support African Christian scholars, in theology and other disciplines, to engage in fresh research, thinking and teaching about Christianity’s engagement with contemporary African society.

This initiative will make 16 grants between $35,000 and $50,000 USD for two-year research and curricular development projects. These grants, which will be awarded in two rounds of eight grants each, are for postgraduate African theological seminaries or university-based postgraduate theology programs. The awards will be for research and curricular development projects that address gospel and culture issues in Africa by drawing on interdisciplinary methods and insights to address one of four topical areas:

1. African spirituality and values
2. Science and religion—particularly health and healing
3. Religious innovation and competition
4. Forgiveness, peacemaking and reconciliation

Winning projects will feature both fresh research into contemporary African realities and the incorporation of this new knowledge into Christian thought and curricular renewal.

Diaspora scholars are welcome to engage in two ways:  they should feel free to contact colleagues in African based theological programs and collaborate on project proposals, or they can simply contact the Nagel Institute office and register their interest with a letter on research interests (relating to the four approved topical areas) and share their c.v.  The office will let African teams know of their interest.

For more information, see the announcement.

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