IAHR e-Bulletin Supplement Feb 2019

AASR colleagues, please note the following communication from IAHR Acting Secretary General, Satoko Fujiwara regarding  the IAHR e-Bulletin Supplement. We’re especially delighted to note that one of our AASR founding members, Professor Gerrie ter Haar (Rotterdam, The Netherlands), has been honoured with an IAHR Honorary Lifetime Membership! Congratulations, Gerrie! Check the bulletin for further details.
Dear Colleagues,
[…] I am pleased to send you the IAHR e-Bulletin Supplement, February 2019 with the latest news. It includes the “Minutes of the IAHR International Committee Meeting, Bern, Switzerland, June 19, 2018,” information on the upcoming IAHR World Congress and Conferences, a call for suggestions as to matters to be discussed for the future of the IAHR, and some more important announcements and reports. […] The file is available at the IAHR website.  It is very important for the well-functioning of the IAHR that not only you but also all individual members of your organization are continuously being informed and updated on the IAHR.
Sincerely yours,
Satoko Fujiwara, IAHR Acting Secretary General, Tokyo, February 5, 2019.



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