Issue 5.1 (August 2019) of the AASR e-Journal has been published

I am pleased to announce that a Special Issue of the AASR e-Journal on Christianity and Social Change in Contemporary Africa is now available. It has been Guest Edited by Francis B. Nyamnjoh and Joel A. Carpenter and includes an extensive introduction and 7 original articles.

Click on Issue 5.1 (August 2019) to download and view the new issue.


Table of Contents

Editor’s Note by Afe Adogame

Introduction: Christianity and Social Change in Contemporary Africa by Francis B. Nyamnjoh and Joel A. Carpenter

Women Without Limits and Limited Women: Pentecostal Women Navigating Between Empowerment and Disempowerment in Kenya by Damaris Parsitau

Religious Collaboration Enhances Patient Satisfaction Among Faith-Based Groups and Health Facilities in Western Kenya by Mary N. Getui, Nema C. Aluku, and William T. Story

Is Contemporary Christianity Promoting or Hindering Mental Health in Africa? An Exploration of the Impact of Charismatic Church Activities and Doctrines on the Mental Well-Being of Selected Ghanaian Congregants by Joana Salifu Yendork, Lily Kpobi, and Elizabeth Anokyewaa Sarfo

New Imaginations of Youth Agency: Boko Haram and the Innovative Gospel of Terror in Nigeria by Edlyne E. Anugwom

“Battling for Souls: Contesting for Space?” African Traditional Religions and Pentecostalism in Zimbabwe by Tapiwa Praise Mapuranga

Religious Innovation and Competition Amidst Urban Social Change: Pretoria Case Study by Stephan de Beer and R. Drew Smith

“When Are You Going to Change Those Stones to Phones?” Social Media Appropriation by Pentecostal Churches in Cape Town by Henrietta M. Nyamnjoh


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