John Templeton Foundation, Autum 2014 Open Submission Call for Proposals


The Autumn open-submission call for proposals for the John Templeton Foundation is open now until October 1, 2014. Visit to apply.

The John Templeton Foundation (JTF) will distribute $155M of funding in 2015 (up from $93M in 2013) for topics that range from quantum physics to the evolution of cultural complexity. A proportion of these funds are dedicated to topics relating to the social scientific study of religion (including non-religion), including sociological, psychological, anthropological, and economic approaches.

JTF gives grants for up to 3 years in duration and for projects ranging in scope from $50,000 to more than $5,000,000. There are no constraints on the nationalities of the principal investigator or project members. The application process begins with an Online Funding Inquiry (essentially a letter of intent); applicants who are successful at this first stage are invited to submit a more detailed full proposal. The process includes peer review and is highly competitive: ~85% of proposals considered in the Human Sciences portfolio are rejected at the first stage and ~50% are rejected at the second stage.

Learn more about JTF’s grantmaking process here:

Learn more about Sir John Templeton’s philanthropic vision here:

Nicholas J. S. Gibson, Ph.D.
Program Officer, Human Sciences
John Templeton Foundation

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