KU-Leuven Vacancies for research in the Congo

KU-Leuven advertizes three four-year fully paid for doctoral reseach posts into technology and cultural interactions in Congolese cities such as Kinshasa, Kikwit, and Lumumbashi; and one permanent postdoc position for this research in Africa at large.

Deadline for submissions is March 31 2014. All candidates have to submit their applications via the electronic system of the KU Leuven. Selected candidates will be invited for an interview late May-early June. The project will start on Oct 1 2014. The researchers will be embedded in the Institute of Anthropological Research in Africa (IARA) at the University of Leuven.

For the project, cf. https://www.academia.edu/6110569/Comparing_Technologies_in_Urban_DR_Congo_1960-present_Kinshasa_Kikwit_and_Lubumbashi_2014-2019_team_research_

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